Student Work

Senior Project 2019

SEBASTIAN CARRASCO                                                                                                      Santa Monica, California
Historical Studies: “‘Who Was the Man in Mexico?’ The Degree to Which the Mexican State Enjoyed Autonomy and Sovereignty with Respect to Its National and International Relationships from 1958 to 1964”
Project Adviser: Miles Rodríguez
Violin Performance (BMus): Tchaikovsky: Piano Trio; Berg: Violin Concerto, first movement
Principal Teacher: Daniel Phillips

DANHUI CHEN                                                                                                                                    Nanning, China
Asian Studies and Historical Studies: “Manga in China’s Reform Era: Transformation, Assimilation, and Imagination of Popular Culture”
Project Adviser: Robert J. Culp

SHANE TIEGER CIANCANELLI                                                                                                      Catskill, New York
Historical Studies: “Pharsalus: Fall of the Roman Alexander”
Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin

WILLIAM WARREN CROWDUS                                                                               Washington, District of Columbia
Historical Studies: “United States Involvement in the Winter War of 1939–40: Successes of a Restrained Policy”
Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin

SAMUEL JOSEPH DICKSON                                                                                                      Red Hook, New York
Historical Studies: “Shekomeko: The Mohican Village That Shaped the Moravian Missionary World”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch

CELIA JOAN FAUX                                                                                                                              Urbana, Illinois
Historical Studies: “She Makes of Man a Beast, of Woman a Martyr: Absinthe in France, 1908–22”
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing

CHRISTA ROSE GAMMAGE                                                                                                       New York, New York
Historical Studies: “‘Freedom Now’: The Function of Jazz in the Civil Rights Movement”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch

MINGZE LINGHU                                                                                                                                    Beijing, China
Historical Studies: “CIA in Laos: A Secret Collaboration of CIA and Hmong”
Project Adviser: Robert J. Culp

JON PETER LUSTIG                                                                                                 Washington, District of Columbia
Historical Studies: “‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’: South Africa’s Black Consciousness Movement and ‘Thinking at the Limit,’ 1968–77”
Project Adviser: Drew Thompson

ANGELA LAURA PAQUETTE                                                                                                             Walkill, New York
French Studies and Historical Studies: “A Translation of Letters by Louis-Antoine de Bougainville: The Seven-Years War”
Project Adviser: Odile S. Chilton

ERIC JAMES RAIMONDI                                                                                                    Groveland, Massachusetts
Historical Studies and Middle Eastern Studies: “America’s Forgotten Project: TAPline and the Rise of a New Capitalist Order in the Levant, 1945–50”
Project Adviser: Omar Cheta

EVAN RICHARDSON                                                                                                                             Jupiter, Florida
Historical Studies and Political Studies: “Still Sitting on Men: Understanding the Continuities of Indirect Rule through Precolonial Forms of Female Resistance, Ethnic Politics, and Economic Violence in Southeast Nigeria”
Concentration: Science, Technology, and Society
Project Advisers: Sanjib Baruah and Wendy Urban-Mead

SIDNEY BAYLIES SMITH                                                                                               Williamstown, Massachusetts
Historical Studies: “Another Massacre in Mexico,” an analysis of the PRI machine, repeated violence, and collective memory through Mexico’s Corpus Christi Massacre
Project Adviser: Miles Rodríguez

WESTON COHL ROBERTSON TOUNTAS                                                                               Los Angeles, California
Historical Studies: “Reimagining Greece: European Philhellenism in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch

ALEC HOPPER WATERS                                                                                                       Concord, Massachusetts
Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Shining light on cyclobutane synthesis: Ir catalyzed [2+2] cycloadditions of vinylogous esters through energy transfer”
Project Adviser: Emily McLaughlin
Historical Studies: “Privileges, Protestantism, Money, and Masts: Béarn and the Crown in 17th-Century France”
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89

SAMUEL HUGO WILLNER                                                                                                             Brooklyn, New York
Historical Studies: “The Development of the German Jewish Institution as a Tool of Political, Communal, Physical, Religious, and Moral Regulation through Assimilation in the American Context”
Project Adviser: Cecile E. Kuznitz

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