Student Work

Senior Projects 2017

NORA CAYSIE COOPER                                                                                   Abilene, Texas

Historical Studies: “Transmitting Power: Radio and Organization in Maoist China”

Project Adviser: Robert J. Culp


JENNIFER ANN DUFAU                                                                                     White Hall, Maryland

Historical Studies: “Tainted Ideals: The Rise and Fall of the Tupamaros”

Project Adviser: Miles Rodríguez


WYLIE MILTON EARP                                                                                      Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts

Historical Studies: “Fundamentalism and Cultural Anxieties: Scott Lively and the Ugandan Christian Right”

Project Adviser: Myra Young Armstead


NICOLAS SANDY ENGST MATTHEWS                                                                Pau, France

Historical Studies: “Michael Faraday’s ‘Lines of Force’ and the Role of Heuristic Models in Early Electromagnetic Field Theory”

Concentration: Science, Technology, and Society

Project Adviser: Gregory B. Moynahan


ORSON FRY                                                                                                  London, United Kingdom

Historical Studies and Literature: “‘A Most Splendid Soldier’: The Life of My Great-Grandfather Major General George Bruce”

Project Advisers: Richard Aldous and Marina van Zuylen


MADI E. GARVIN                                                                                             Cheltenham, Pennsylvania

Historical Studies: “Vast Sources of Productive Power Lying Unnecessarily Idle: Occupational Therapy and the Imperative of Work, 1900–30”

Concentration: Experimental Humanities

Project Adviser: Myra Young Armstead


AVA GERTRUDE LINDENMAIER                                                                          Lenox, Massachusetts

Historical Studies: “Unraveling the Origins of Blue Jeans in American Fashion: The Significance of the Denim Costume on Dude Ranch Vacations in the 1920s and ’30s American West”

Project Adviser: Gregory B. Moynahan


YOURUO MA                                                                                                 Beijing, China

Historical Studies: “Is Language a Cage or a Gate? Examining Students’ Adoption of Political Language during the Cultural Revolution”

Project Adviser: Robert J. Culp


PETER JAMES MCCORMACK                                                                           Lake Bluff, Illinois

Historical Studies: “From New York to Hollywood: Advertising, Narrative Formats, and Changing Televison Space in the 1950s”

Concentration: Experimental Humanities

Project Advisers: Maria Sachiko Cecire and Gregory B. Moynahan


CONNOR BARTLETT MCDERMOTT                                                                    Lyle, Washington

Historical Studies: “An Ghaoth a Chroithfidh an Eorna: The Moral Economy of Ireland’s Whiteboys, 1761–87”

Concentration: Irish and Celtic Studies

Project Advisers: Gregory B. Moynahan and Michael Staunton


MAEVE EMMA MCQUEENY                                                                               Mahwah, New Jersey

Historical Studies: “Does Russia Love the Whip? A Study of State-Sponsored Violence and Its Impact on Russian Life”

Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin

AVERY MATTHEW MENCHER                                                                            Florence, Massachusetts

Historical Studies: “Memorializing Absence: The Ambiguous Place of Holocaust Legacy in the Memorials, Countermemorials, and Museums of Berlin”

Project Adviser: Cecile Kuznitz


NICHOLAS MICHAEL RIMIKIS                                                                            Athens, Greece

Historical Studies: “Filiki Etaireia: The Rise of a Secret Society in the Making of the Greek Revolution”

Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89


XOCHITL TARCILA SALAZAR                                                                            McKinleyville, California

Historical Studies: “Reframing the Ofrenda: An Analysis of Material Culture through the Death Cult of Mexico”

Concentration: Latin American and Iberian Studies

Project Adviser: Miles Rodríguez


DARIEL VASQUEZ                                                                                           Harlem, New York

Historical Studies and Sociology: “Black Education Reform and Community Schools”

Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89

Senior Projects 2016

ETHAN MOON BARNESS                                                                                New York, New York
Historical Studies: “Mob Rule vs. Progressive Reform: The Struggle between Organized Crime, Machine Politics, and the Progressive Reform Movement for Control over New York City Municipal Politics from 1900–35”
Project Adviser: Myra Young Armstead
DAVON MICHAEL BLANKS                                                                             Brooklyn, New York
Historical Studies: “Black Diasporic Memories in the Soviet Union,” an analysis of the impact that the Soviet Union had on black Americans and their political positions during the Cold War
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89
ELEANOR BUSE                                                                                              New York, New York
Historical Studies: “Between Myth and History: Goethe, Spengler, and the Faustian Legend”
Project Adviser: Gregory B. Moynahan
ALEXANDER ESTEBAN CRUZZAVALA                                                    Morgantown, West Virginia
Historical Studies: “José Martí, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and the United States: The Four Fathers of the Cuban Revolution”
Concentration: Latin American/Iberian Studies
Project Adviser: Omar Youssef Cheta
SHALEA ATHENE DEL VILLAR                                                                      Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Historical Studies: “Preaching Prosperity: Christian Missions to Jamaica in the Early to Mid-19th Century”
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89
MORGAN VIVIANE DISANTO                                                                                 Venice, California
American Studies and Historical Studies: “Smoking Out the Truth: An Early History of Southern Barbecue,” a study of the issues of gender, race, and class throughout the history of Southern barbecue
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
FAYE N. FORMAN                                                                                        Sound Beach, New York
Historical Studies and Human Rights: “The Unintended Consequences of the International Women’s Movement: Medicalizing Rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo”
Concentration: Africana Studies
Project Adviser: Peter Rosenblum
MICHAEL HEARD JOHNSON                                                                                San Antonio, Texas
Historical Studies: “El Valle de los Caídos: Spain’s Inability to Digest Its Historical Memory”
Project Adviser: Cecile E. Kuznitz
ELA MEGAN KAPLAN                                                                                              Istanbul, Turkey
Historical Studies: “Leibniz on China and Christianity: The Reformation of Religion and European Ethics through Converting China to Christianity”
Concentration: Science, Technology and Society
Project Adviser: Gregory B. Moynahan

NAOMI RUBEL LACHANCE                                                                    Williamstown, Massachusetts
Historical Studies and Written Arts: “It Happened at El Mozote: How Two Reporters Broke the Story That Washington Refused to Believe”
Project Adviser: Daniel Mendelsohn
KA PO LEUNG                                                                                               Diamond Bar, California
Historical Studies: “The Fallen, the Broken, and the Resilient”
Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin
THEO NOONAN LOWREY                                                                                  Denville, New Jersey
Historical Studies: “An Ancient City for the Future: Reconstructing Physical and Intellectual Narratives in Beirut in the 1990s”
Concentration: Middle Eastern Studies
Project Adviser: Omar Youssef Cheta
Music: “Music for the Unloved: Compositions for Cheap and Discarded Instruments” and “Syntax”
Concentration: Middle Eastern Studies
Project Adviser: Alexander Bonus
CHARLES WILLIAM MCFARLANE                                                                    New York, New York
Historical Studies: “Designed for Combat, Worn for Vogue: Social History of the Field Jacket”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
JACOB HENRY PRESCOTT                                                                            Schenectady, New York
Historical Studies: “A Cape Full of Holes: Courtliness as Political Theory within the Angevin Empire”
Concentration: Medieval Studies
Project Adviser: Karen Sullivan
BRANDON JAMEL RICHARDSON                                                                             Atlanta, Georgia
Historical Studies: “Black Internationalism and Nationalism in Atlanta: Through the Lens of the Political Career of Andrew Young”
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89
DESTINY RIVIELLO                                                                                            Flushing, New York
Asian Studies and Historical Studies: “Gender, Sexuality, and Marriage as a Site of Socialist Production in Mao-Era China”
Project Adviser: Li-Hua Ying
SAMANTHA JANE SCHWARZ                                                                            Weston, Connecticut
Historical Studies: “Incompatible Cultures: American Indians and the American Education Narrative”
Project Adviser: Cynthia Koch
WITAWIN SIRIPOONSAP                                                                                       Hat Yai, Thailand
Historical Studies: “War against Allies”
Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin
COE WILLIAM WALKER                                                                                  Birmingham, Alabama
Historical Studies: “Venetian-Ottoman Relations: 1453–1550”
Project Adviser: Tabetha Ewing ’89

Senior Projects 2015

GOULED ABDISHAKOUR AHMED                                                                 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Historical Studies: “Black Dandyism: A Survey of Its Historical Presence and Its Modern Day Reality”
Project Adviser: Drew Thompson
BRIA LA TONYA BACON                                                                                      Atlanta, Georgia
Historical Studies: “The Aesthetics of Hair on Identity and Community: A Historical Study of African American Women”
Project Adviser: Drew Thompson
ALEXANDER AMIR D’ALISERA                                                                     Fayetteville, Arkansas
Historical Studies: “Romanus Sum Ergo Sum: Claims to Romanitas from Late Antiquity to the Dawn of Humanism,” a joint Senior Project with Classical Studies
Project Adviser: Karen Sullivan
CASPER ANDRE DAVIS                                                                                  Brooklyn, New York
Historical Studies: “What Happened to Mine? A History of Black Reparations in the United States”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
MAX GUISBOND DOYLE                                                                           Brookline, Massachusetts
Historical Studies: “Rewriting the Course: Al-Banna, Qutb, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Fight for the Elevation of the Islamic Nation”
Concentration: Middle Eastern Studies
Project Adviser: Omar Youssef Cheta
ALEXANDER EREZ ECHELMAN                                                                         Pelham, New York
Historical Studies: “A Contested Future: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West, Native American Performers, and the Military’s Struggle for Control over Indian Affairs, 1868–1898”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
LUCAS VISCO FEITH                                                                                     Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Historical Studies: “A Study on the Significance of the Cultural Impact and Legacy of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on British Mainstream Comedy, or, And Now for Something Completely Different”
Project Adviser: Richard Aldous
LUCY MUNSAT FLAMM                                                                          Cambridge, Massachusetts
Historical Studies: “Iranian Islands? Bahrain, Abu Masa, and the Tunbs in the Persian Gulf”
Concentration: Middle Eastern Studies
Project Adviser: Omar Youssef Cheta
BRIAN CHRISTOPHER HARRIS                                                                       Greenbrae, California
Historical Studies: “Marius Barbeau: Doyen of Canadian Folklore”
Project Adviser: Gregory R. Moynahan
CHARLOTTE PETRI HELTAI                                                                     Brookline, Massachusetts
Historical Studies: “Spontaneous Priesthood: An Exploration of Natural Law and the Temple in the Theology of Philo Judaeus”
Project Adviser: Gregory R. Moynahan

EIMILE ANNE JOYCE                                                                                            Chicago, Illinois
Historical Studies: “Transcribed in Black and White: Black Women on Trial in the 19th and 20th Centuries”
Project Adviser: Christian Crouch
CLAYTON ARTHUR KALEDIN                                                                       Niskayuna, New York
Historical Studies: “The Art of Othering: Soviet Cultural Politics and the West”
Project Adviser: Gregory R. Moynahan
LEYA MARY KAYAS                                                                                      New York, New York
Historical Studies and Written Arts: “Books of Contemplation: Identity through the Chronicle Form,” a historical analysis of the period of the Second Crusade and a personal historical and fantastical fiction/memoir piece; a joint Senior Project with Middle Eastern Studies
Project Advisers: Christian Crouch and Neil Gaiman
JAMES BRIAN MCGURK                                                                            Beverly Hills, California
Historical Studies: “Political and Economic Relations between Cuba and the United States: A Global Context to the Bay of Pigs”
Project Adviser: Miles Rodríguez
ALEC THOMAS NEWELL                                                                                   Latham, New York
Historical Studies: “Blast England! World War One, the Great English Vortex, and the Avant Garde in Great Britain”
Project Adviser: Richard Aldous
DAM LINH NGUYEN                                                                                              Warsaw, Poland
Combined plan (3+2) dual-degree program at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science
JILLIAN SUZANNE NICOLS                                                                         Titusville, Pennsylvania
Historical Studies: “Egyptian Collective Memory of Gamal Abdel Nasser”
Concentration: Middle Eastern Studies
Project Adviser: Omar Youssef Cheta
JONIAN RAFTI                                                                                           Staten Island, New York
Economics: “Roosevelt’s Recession, 1937: Lasting History and Contested Policy,” a joint Senior Project with Historical Studies
Project Advisers: Olivier G. Giovannoni and Myra Young Armstead
NOAH PARK RICHMOND                                                                           New Haven, Connecticut
Historical Studies: “From Guadalcanal to Okinawa: An Evolution of American Warfare in the Pacific Theater”
Project Adviser: Sean McMeekin
JAMES NICHOLAS ROGERS-GAHAN                                                              New York, New York
Historical Studies: “Flavius Josephus: His Influences, Work, and Later Reception”
Project Adviser: Carolyn Dewald
JESSE GEORGE VERVEN                                                                            Germantown, New York
Historical Studies: “A Pox upon Thy House No More: Humankind’s Struggle against Smallpox”
Concentration: Global and International Studies
Project Adviser: Alice Stroup

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