Robert Culp
Director, Historical Studies

Associate Professor of History

Contact Information:
Email: culp@bard.edu
Phone: x.7395
Office: Fairbairn Expand for more. Expand

Richard Aldous

Eugene Meyer Professor of British History and Literature

Contact Information:
Email: raldous@bard.edu
Phone: x7398
Office: Aspinwall 210

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Myra Young Armstead

Lyford Paterson Edwards and Helen Gray Edwards
Professor of Historical Studies

Contact Information:
Email: armstead@bard.edu
Phone: x.7235
Office: Fairbairn 105 Expand for more. Expand

Leon Botstein

President of the College; Leon Levy Professor in the Arts and Humanities

Contact Information:
Email: president@bard.edu
Phone: x.7423
Office: Ludlow Expand for more. Expand

Omar Youssef Cheta

Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern and Historical Studies

Contact Information:
Email: ocheta@bard.edu
Phone: x.6265Office: Seymour 102 Expand for more. Expand

Christian Ayne Crouch

Associate Professor of History
Director, American Studies

Contact Information:
Email: crouch@bard.edu
Phone: X6874Office: Fairbairn 203 Expand for more. Expand

Jeannette Alden Estruth

Assistant Professor of History

Contact Information:
Email: jestruth@bard.edu
Office: Fairbairn 102 Expand for more. Expand

Tabetha Ewing

Associate Professor of History
(SABB Fall '19)

Contact Information:
Email: ewing@bard.edu
Phone:  x7548Office: Fairbairn 206 Expand for more. Expand

Cecile E. Kuznitz

Associate Professor of Jewish History; Director, Jewish Studies
(LOA Fall '19/Spring '20)

Contact Information:
Email: kuznitz@bard.edu
Phone: x.4398Office: Fairbairn 202 Expand for more. Expand

Ellen Condliffe Lagemann

Levy Institute Research Professor, Bard College; Distinguished Fellow, Bard Prison Initiative

Contact Information:
Email: lagemann@bard.edu
Phone: x.7107Office: Achebe-House Expand for more. Expand

Mark H. Lytle

Lyford Paterson Edwards and Helen Gray Edwards Professor Emeritus of historical Studies

Contact Information:
Email: lytle@bard.edu
Phone: x.7238
Office: Fairbairn 204 Expand for more. Expand

Sean McMeekin

Francis Flournoy Professor of European History and Culture
(SABB Fall '19)

Contact Information:
Email: smcmeeki@bard.edu
Phone: x.7448Office: Aspinwall 112 Expand for more. Expand

Gregory B. Moynahan

Associate Professor of History; Codirector, Science, Technology, and Society
Chair; Social Studies Division

Contact Information:
Email: moynahan@bard.edu
Phone: x.7296Office: Fairbairn 106 Expand for more. Expand

Joel Perlmann

Levy Institute Research Professor; Senior Scholar, Levy Economics Institute

Contact Information:
Email: perlmann@bard.edu
Phone: x.7726
Office: Blithewood 217 Expand for more. Expand

Miles Rodriguez

Assistant Professor of Historical Studies and Latin American & Iberian Studies

Contact Information:
Email: mrodrig@bard.edu
Phone: x.6822Office: Seymour 301 Expand for more. Expand

Drew Thompson

Assistant Professor of Africana and Historical Studies

Contact Information:
Email: dthompso@bard.edu
Phone: x.6822Office: Hopson 303 Expand for more. Expand

Wendy Urban-Mead

Associate Professor of History, Master of Arts in Teaching Program

Contact Information:​
Email: wum@bard.edu 
MAT Program: 
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